Chef Yanni Sanchez

Bar Takito

201 N. Morgan St. 312-888-9602

For Chef Yanni Sanchez, a passion for cooking excellent food was hereditary. She never dreamed of becoming a chef, but she grew up cooking alongside her aunt, who she says was “born with the skill.”

Sanchez was working in administration when she decided she needed a change in her life. That, she says, is when she decided she wanted to become a chef. She studied at the Culinary Institute of Mexico in her home country, then traveled to Europe to pursue her dream and finish her training in Paris. Her father was supportive of her decision, but didn’t like the idea of being an ocean away from his daughter.

“You are going to be super far from Dad!” he told her. “Go enjoy yourself and have a vacation, then come back and see if we can open a restaurant in Mexico.” Sanchez came back to North America and ended up in Chicago, where she fulfilled her dream of opening her own restaurant. She now works as the executive chef of Bar Takito.

Favorite menu item: “I’m very proud of everything, but for brunch I love the sope—a traditional dish in my country, which is a corn cake with rice, salsa and queso fresco ($14). It’s a classic dish. My technique is to create my own Scotch egg with chorizo. It’s a lovely dish.”

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